Web Site Optimization Methidology

SEO Web Marketing Methodology

A Total Solutions Approach

What makes us different? We take a “Total Solutions Approach” to designing, developing, and launching a website.

Many website companies today focus primarily on design, because they are Placeholder Imagedesigners. They know little about business, how to write compelling content, or what makes a search engine “tick”. So what you end up with is a good looking site (maybe), but one that can’t be found on the net. Why? It wasn’t designed to be “search engine friendly”.

Then you have those web developers that are wild about programming, and deliver you a programming marvel, but one that is visually unappealing. And also can’t be found by search engines.

The optimal web marketing solution is one that includes all three vital ingredients:

  • A website that is designed from the ground up to be visually appealing, as well as search engine friendly
  • A website that is simple, elegant, and “user friendly”
  • A website that ranks at the top of search engine match reports for popular phrases that your clientele is likely to use to locate your site

Our 7 Step Search Engine Marketing Approach

1. We start with understanding your business, so we can translate this into solid content on your web site that will differentiate your site from competitors. What are your strengths? Why should customers do business with you as opposed to someone else? What are the key value propositions for your company, products and services?

2. We study your competition and target markets to determine how they search for your particular products and services. We do this through interviews, as well as looking at how key competitors have positioned their sites to address your markets.

3. We then determine the key goals and objectives for your site. What are you trying to accomplish; what will be the criteria for success? Are you looking for high visibility and top rankings? To generate more leads? If so, what are your expectations? If you are aiming to sell product or services over the Web, what will be your yardstick for success?

4. We take a “total solutions” approach. This implies more than just SEM, SEO or Paid Search — we look at what’s needed to transform and position your site for success in reaching your goals. Why is this important? Because the end goal is not just to rank highly, but to realize your objectives — generate visibility, more contacts, and potentially sell products and/or services. It won’t do you any good to achieve high rankings or pay big bucks for top placements if visitors arrive at your site only to be disappointed. Your site needs to look good, and rank well. What do you need to consider in a “total solutions” approach?

  • Optimized design, functionality and content for maximum impact. We plan and design your web site as a sales tool. Once a searcher arrives at your site, your web site will go right to work — engaging them with your key messages and value proposition. Remember – studies show you have about 8 seconds to get someone’s attention, so we equip your site to engage your visitor and draw them in right away. We also structure the site so that a visitor can easily navigate through a “sales process'”, arriving at a natural conclusion of contacting you or completing a sale. We will work with you to implement quality design, engaging functionality, and solid content — and it will all be worth it.
  • A site that is optimized for top rankings with the major search engines. Once your site is optimized for impact, you need to plan how to attract customers and target audiences to your site. This is where optimizing your site for top search engine rankings plays a part. We will start with “pure” Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as opposed to Paid Search. SEO is much more cost-effective, results in top “organic” placements that are not viewed as ads (as Paid Search is), and in the end provides a better return on investment. Later on, if you prefer, you can complement the SEO positioning with Paid Search.

5. We research and select target keywords and phrases for your web site that are actually used routinely by your target audiences. It won’t do you any good to achieve top rankings for keywords that aren’t being used, so we select phrases that are in use and that will attract the kind of qualified traffic your are looking for. Some techniques we use …

  • We put ourselves in the shoes of your audiences
  • We consider what keyword phrases might be selected for your types of products or services
  • We use special tools to verify whether words or phrases are actually being types at all
  • We select only relevant keyword phrases that are actively used, and that do not have high competition for placement

4. We optimize the content of your web site to ensure that it reflects the core strengths and value proposition for your business, as well as your products and services. Usually this involves revising some of your standard content, or creating new optimized content. We make sure these key words and phrases shine through in every aspect of your web site (note — your target keywords and phrases will normally be distributed across your pages, with no more than 2-3 target keyword phrases per page)…

  • Meta tags – Titles, Descriptions, and Keywords
  • Page headlines and sub-headings
  • Opening and closing text of pages
  • Internal links pointing to other pages on your site
  • Outbound links to information on related sites
  • Complementary images

5. We validate the content and technical correctness of all of your pages. We have the tools and procedures that enable us to verify the search engine effectiveness of your web pages. Further fine-tuning may be necessary at this stage to properly optimize the site and its pages.

6. We submit the site to the major search engines. Be aware that 90% of search traffic consists of only the top 12 engines, with the bulk of this being carried by Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, etc. Do NOT be taken in by other SEO firms that promises to submit your site to 500 or 1,000 search engines — such is not necessary, and probably bogus.

7. We track web site rankings, traffic, and conversions and re-optimize to achieve our goals. We provide you with services that track your success on an on-going basis — weekly ranking reports that will inform you how well your site is ranking for its targeted keyword phrases, access to an on-line database that will allow you to monitor an assess qualified traffic coming to the site, and an ability to measure “conversion” — the # of contacts or sales you receive as a result of visits to your site.

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