Complete Web Marketing Solutions

Complete Web Marketing Solutions

If you’re like most businesses, SEO web marketing has you stumped.  You’ve put up a website with the expectation that thousands of prospective clients would instantly find your site on Web Marketing Solutionsthe Internet.  You’ve been expecting an exciting new source of leads, increased revenue, and stronger brand awareness.  The problem is, you’ve been let down and you’re not sure why.

The reasons are simple.

First, the majority of visits to websites – over 80% – are the result of a search having been performed through a major search engine (Bing, Yahoo!, Google, etc.).  The fact is, most web designers lack the expertise, skill and experience needed to optimize web sites for search engines – so you end up with a web site that looks good, but doesn’t rank – it might as well be invisible.

Second, most web designers don’t write web marketing content for your pages – that’s expected to come from you. But to be “search engine friendly” and attain top search engine rankings, that web page content must have your key words and phrases placed strategically throughout the material.

Why Choose Us?

We provide a single source for three key elements needed for a complete solution:

  • Optimized Web content development, to ensure that you have engaging text on your web pages that includes your targeted keyword phrases
  • Web design compatible with SEO, to apply an effective and engaging look and feel to your r_freedman_smoptimized site
  • Search engine optimization, to optimize the site for top rankings in the major search engines

Just doing a web design or re-design often isn’t enough – most web designers don’t do
marketing or search engine optimization.  So you’ll be left with a great looking site, but one that doesn’t show up when potential clients are searching for you on the net!

And hiring a SEO consultant who only knows search engine positioning but nothing about marketing or web design will not do either.  Successful search engine optimization depends on the marketing content that you’ve integrated into your pages – the two elements are tightly interdependent.  You need both the marketing content and the optimization to rank successfully.  Good web design completes the package because when your target audience does arrive, you want them engaged, ready to take action!

Optimal Web Marketing, a Division of Connections, LLC, provides you with a total SEO Web Marketing Solution that includes all three essential elements – content, web design, and optimization.  We have a full time SEO expert on staff, a talented web designer, and considerable marketing expertise.  Your final product is a web site that has essential page content, an engaging look and feel, and achieves top rankings in the major search engines.  The result:  you receive more qualified web traffic, more leads, and more business!

If you’re not sure what you need, why not start with our FREE Complementary Web Site Evaluation

Listen to What Our Clients Say!

Tax Law and Accounting Firm.  Like many businesses, The Tuttle Firm had a web site.  They just weren’t getting any return on their investment.  No web visibility, no business leads.  In home_thumbDecember of 2004 the Tuttle Firm turned to Optimal Connections for a solution – a web site that would look great, communicate the value of their services, and be found at the top of search engine rankings.  Needless to say, we delivered:

  • An expanded and re-designed web site
  • Optimized content
  • Search engine optimization services that put the site in the top rankings in just a few weeks after launch

“Fantastic results in a short space of time.  I am very pleased”
… Timothy W. Tuttle, Timothy W. Tuttle & Associates

Metal Stamping and Fabrication Company.  Team Manufacturing chose Optimal Connections to expand and upgrade the content of their web site, apply a totally new “look and feel”, and optimize the site for top rankings.

The result:  a new web site that not only looks great and functions well, but also achieves top spot inteam_home_page search rankings for target phrases their customers and prospects search on!  To learn more and see for yourself, visit

Teams now site now enjoys:

  • A distinctive new “look and feel” applied, positioning this site above and beyond the
  • Top search engine rankings are now being achieved, thanks to our SEO services – 19 first
    place rankings, 53 top 5 rankings, and 63 top ten rankings!
  • Qualified web traffic is WAY up, rising from virtually no traffic to now over 100 or more
    qualified visitors per week.  Sales are also sharply up as a result.

“Thank you Optimal Connections for helping increase our sales.”
… Rudy Hernandez, Team Manufacturing

Top Rankings Guarantee!

Successful search engine marketing requires in-depth expertise and relentless determination. We have both, which is why we’re able to offer you this rock solid guarantee. We guarantee the cert_seal_2004following search engine ranking results or we’ll refund 100% of your optimization fee. We assume all the risk, and you benefit from a significant increase in targeted web traffic: more leads, more prospects, and more sales of your products & services.

  • Top 30 Ranking Guaranteed for five or more of selected keyword phrases on at least five of our supported search engines and directories* within two months of submission.
  • Top 10 Ranking Guaranteed for at least three or more of selected keyword phrases on a minimum of three supported search engines and directories* within two months of submission.

Take the Next Step – FREE Web Site Evaluation!

As a service to our clients we provide an insightful analysis of your existing web site.  The analysis and report is conducted by one of our Search Engine Marketing experts, takes only a few days, and provides you with valuable insight concerning:

  • How your web site is currently ranking with three top search engines
  • How “search engine friendly” your web site is
  • Link popularity effectiveness (crucial for some engines)
  • Your keywords and meta tags
  • Recommended next steps

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